National Reading Month — Really?

National Reading Month. Yes, it’s that time again.

I applaud the efforts to encourage reading. Reading can be such a wonderful getaway.

Unfortunately, there are still some of us who lack wholesome literary food. Our brains really starve for a good wordy meal. Truly.

Besides enjoying delicious foods for the body and brain, our minds need the exercise and stimulating diet of a scrumptious good read.

Kids, reading can be FUN! — not a chore. Reading lets our minds travel to distant places — imaginarily or literally. You can discover places and amazing sights through travel, history and science; or let your imagination expand through fantasy, mystery, suspense and more. Pick the books that spark your interest and you’ll enjoy the ride.

Growing up, my friends and I shared books with each other and talked about things that really impressed us. Reading opens communication — ability to express and even listen to other readers’ thoughts and opinions. Reading is simply entertaining.

Parents, our active reading sets a positive example for our children to do the same. Loving encouragement sets a trend, not only at home, but at school, work and even play.

It doesn’t have to be a book. A good magazine or newspaper is also part of the reading exercise. My dad was an avid newspaper reader. News was his cup of joe. He was always up to date with current events. He was also a history buff. To me he was a walking encyclopedia. Eventually, as we got older we too shared in reading the newspaper in the morning or evening. Reading devices are terrific for mobility and retrieval. (I still love to curl up with an actual page turner every now and then. In these electronic days, call me old fashioned.)

When we were youngsters, Dad would exercise our reading skills by pointing out words on billboards, transportation itineraries, even reading maps. To this very day, I can still read a map when our GPS is on the blitz (perhaps it’s time to get a new one, huh?).

Mom was a lover of books — especially the Bible. Any question she had, she researched. She made sure she had full understanding in order to show others.

If we didn’t know a word, we looked it up, and our vocabulary expanded. Now, any ailment, prescribed medicine, social and health information would be researched until we felt comfortable to discuss matters with the professionals.

Although March is considered National Reading Month, why not make every month Reading Month.

Warning: Reading can be addictive. How wonderful!


Check out Amazon’s feature on National Reading Month:


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