Comin’ Down The Mountain by James Osborne

Can you challenge this? Enjoyable read to start the day. 🙂


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Bad decisions can make good stories. Here’s one.

It was mid-summer and we’d set off to find bike trails at our local ski resort. Biking on ski runs? The contradiction was intriguing.

The resort had begun to operate year round. In winter, it offers traditional downhill and cross-country skiing. And now in summer, it had opened many of the ski runs for cycling. We wanted to explore their initiative. Turns out, most of those runs were for extreme motocross cyclists.   We didn’t know that.

We drove up to the forested ski hill imagining trails suitable for seniors. You know, the gently descending or mostly horizontal kind used in winter for cross-country skiing. We’d been assured that such trails existed.

When we arrived, the Silver Star Mountain ski village was bustling with athletic young bodies, most of them half our age. All right, a third our age.

They were all padded up: helmet with…

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