The Igloo*

Another jaw-dropping adventure with James Osborne. Warning! Warm parker, blanket and hot cocoa advised.



“How would you like to see a real igloo?” Bryan asked.

“You bet!” I replied.

And that’s how easy it is to become caught in a deadly Arctic blizzard.

I was having coffee with a colleague at a restaurant in Inuvik, NWT, a town in Canada’s high Arctic, when the ever-gregarious Bryan Redding joined us. He’d become famous by then. Many called him a ‘white Inuit’.

Bryan invited us to visit one of his close friends, an Inuit hunter, and the hunter’s family. The couple and their three children were part of a nomadic community. It moved along the coast of the western Arctic following the wildlife that provided them with food, clothing and meager incomes. Bryan said the community was just a few miles away.

“I’ve always wanted to see an igloo up close,” my colleague Eric said.

“Well, you’ll see a whole community of them,” Bryan said, chuckling. “It’s about an hour north of here by snowmobile.”

For Eric and…

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