Thought we could use a kind reminder during stressful times.

J. Hale Turner, Author

To those hindered from progress or simply wounded from harmful, bashing and ugly remarks, it’s now time for a nice calming thought along with a nice soothing beverage as you read the following:

Demeaning, harsh, insulting words can definitely become hurtful even to the point of affecting one’s health. Many of us are guilty of it at one time or another saying something we regret — intentionally or unintentionally; but to constantly use a hurtful tongue against another is abusive and should not to be ignored. The abuser may have issues of his/her own, but that’s another subject.

For the recipient, however, words can strike deeper than a knife. The good news, is that the recipient can survive. Depending on the individual and situation it may take a while or not very long, but it can be done.

Not everyone is born with a duck’s back where water would roll…

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