Paradise – Dream or Reality? (Part I)

While writing my new novel, Paradise Dreams, I kept asking myself what is the meaning of Paradise.

To many it is a life of pleasantness and peace. Nirvana perhaps?

Some consider the Biblical garden that was at one time enjoyed by Adam and Eve before they became outcasts.

To others, it’s a relaxing getaway on a tropical island.

Then there is the dreamer of dreams, who can only visualize Paradise in his/her thoughts through a meditative calm amid  hypnotic sounds of ocean or water falls, the soft drumming of thunder afar, the melodious  songs in sync with nature.

Each person has their own belief, idea or imagination of what Paradise could be.

As for the protagonist in Paradise Dreams, Melanie Harris escapes heartache to another country only to discover that Paradise  was awaiting her upon her return home.  Those around her experience moments of euphoria despite their past regrets or loss — some whose lives are similar yet different.

In a point of time, their choices in life lead each person to discover hope of forgiveness, repentance, rediscovery; perhaps a second chance to love again and/or attain the happiness they’ve lost and soon regained.  Then there are those who just don’t get it and refuse to reach out for the better solution despite their agonizing enslavement to greed, selfishness and hurt.

When does one become wise to make the right choice in life — or destroy their hope with foolish thoughts that lead to eventual consequences?

Paradise.  Is it just a dream or a reality?