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image.pngHi Everyone!

Yes, I’m back with my author, Ms. J. Hale Turner.   We want to announce our upcoming summer release for 2018 — BRIANNA’S DOLPHINS.   Miss Turner and I both worked on our new story about a young friend of mine, Brianna.  She lives in Freeport in the Bahamas.  .

We used to go to school together here in Small Town, North Carolina.   She and her family returned to Freeport, to care for her aging grandparents.  She is very happy to be living on her tropical island.  She invited me and my sister to join her.   We’re thinking of it.  It would be my first airplane ride if I go.

Can you imagine having dolphins as your best friends?

Brianna  rescued and nurtured a young dolphin.  She named him Happy.   She claimed Happy could say her name, but her friends would laugh and tease her.  They were in for a big surprise.

She is also a terrific swimmer.  I am too.  We used to swim with our families in Big Bass Pond.   Sometimes we think we can take care of ourselves.  Brianna learns a valuable lesson in the story.

Join, Brianna, her family on a remarkable adventure with her friend, Happy.

BRIANNA’S DOLPHINS, will be released this summer for young readers.   It’s time for my friends to have an enjoyable summer book to read.    Tell everyone about the upcoming release.

I’ll keep you posted on the date.

Your Buddy, Joseph Land

P.S. Miss Turner sends you her hugs and smiles.



How To Pinpoint Your #Strengths As A #Writer (And Make The Most Of Them!)

Melanie V. Logan

As a writer, you’re constantly honing your craft—reading widely, seeking feedback, and considering the constructive criticism of others. Part of this process is learning how to recognize your own writing strengths. But it’s not always easy to judge yourself objectively, so Writer’s Relief has put together five ways to recognize the areas in which you truly shine:

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Had to share this heartwarming list of thoughtfulness and love … thanks to Cynthia Reyes. Hope she has recovered or speedily recovering.❤️

Cynthia Reyes

Thanks for your support in recent weeks.It reminds me: it’s so important to reach out to others in times of stress, illness or other need. I offer these tips (please add your own):

  1. Call. And call again. It matters to your friend, even if they can’t come to the phone. Some friends called even when I couldn’t think or speak clearly. They ended up talking with my husband. We both appreciated their effort.
  2. Send a card. In these days of quick email, a personal card is a valued touch. Personalize it with your own caring or inspirational words. A few friends reassured me: “This is just a temporary  setback, Cynthia. You WILL recover!”  
  3. Use email. Some friends sent me uplifting e-cards and jokes. Some sent me photos of their garden. And friend Carl visited and took photos of our garden, since I couldn’t go to see it myself…

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Invitation: An Annual Momentous Occasion


Dear Friends,

I felt compelled to share this momentous occasion to all of you.

Christ asked us to remember him on this official day of His death, Nisan 14, which falls on April 11 after sundown. A sacrifice of love for all of us, and will be celebrated worldwide. No collections. Just enjoy this special moment.

Why not come, you and your family, for one hour in honor of Christ who loved us so much he was willing to die for us to redeem what was lost– perfection and everlasting life under God’s righteous rule.

Warm regards,

J. Hale Turner❤️🙏🏾


Oh I just love puzzles!!!❤️❤️❤️

MAXINE BILLINGS, Photographer & Author

CAMELLIAS (WET) 14 (NF).jpgI’m currently seeking serious puzzle lovers who would like to enter a drawing for a FREE 252-piece puzzle of my “Regal Camellia” pictured above. Shipping is also free to any U. S. address.


I love photographing God’s awesome natural creation so much that I want to give this beautiful puzzle to someone who will really appreciate it. So, if you are a serious puzzle lover, all you have to do is respond in the affirmative to this post before 3:00 p.m. EST on Sunday, March 26, 2017.

A drawing of the names of everyone who entered will determine who the winner is. HAPPY PLAYING!

From my heart to yours !

Maxine 🙂

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Just as my buddies, Miss Maxine and Avery share, “Bullying is NOT cool.” I hope you folks get a chance to read Miss Annette Smith’s book, NYRA’S BULLY. It’s awesome!

Your Pal,

Joseph Land, Spokeskid for Literacy and Against Bullying

MAXINE BILLINGS, Photographer & Author

avery-nyrahs-bullyThis little cutie is my three-year-old niece Avery! She is posing here with the newest release from our friend Annette Bentley Smith. As you can see from the expression on her face, she does not like it when anyone is bullied. She takes the matter very seriously and agrees with Mrs. Smith that we should be friends instead of bullies.

Have you read Nyrah’s Bully, Mrs. Smith’s new release? nyrahs-bully-front-2If not, why not purchase copies for yourself and a special someone? Available now in Kindle edition and paperback. Five-star reviews!

From my and Avery’s hearts ❤ ❤ to yours !


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